Russia rejoins the grain deal

Russia rejoins the grain deal
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Islam News – Russia will rejoin a deal that allows grain to move from Ukrainian ports through the Black Sea. The announcement restores hope to countries facing severe food shortages.

Russia suspended its participation over the weekend after an attack on its naval ships in Crimea. Russia blamed Ukraine for the attack, which it claimed showed that the waters were unsafe. In rejoining the deal, Russia said it had received Ukrainian guarantees that the sea corridor would not be used “for military operations.”

But there have been no reports of security incidents involving grain ships. And Russia’s withdrawal may have been a miscalculation: Ukraine also suggested that other parties remained committed to the deal, even without Russia’s involvement. At least 15 grain ships departed after Russia announced it was pulling out on Saturday.

Analysis: Abandoning the deal may have been a Russian strategy to gain leverage after battlefield struggles. But the tactic risked antagonizing two important Kremlin allies: Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Source: The New York Times

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