Child deaths in Indonesia

Child deaths in Indonesia
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Islam News – Young Indonesians, many of whom are under 5, are dying of Covid-19 at an alarming and unusual rate.

The deaths, more than 100 a week this month, represent a child mortality rate greater than that of any other country. Coinciding with the surge of the Delta variant, the rate challenges the idea that children face minimal risk from Covid-19.

Health experts said a number of factors contributed to the high number of deaths, including underlying health conditions and overstretched hospitals.

“Until now, children have been the hidden victims of this pandemic,” said Dr. Yasir Arafat, Asia health adviser to the nonprofit group Save the Children. “Not anymore.”

Cases: This month, Indonesia became the new epicenter of the pandemic. Positive tests are averaging more than 30 percent, a sign that the virus is spreading rapidly.

Vaccines: Just 16 percent of Indonesians have received one dose and only 6 percent have been fully vaccinated, according to the Our World in Data project.

Source: The New York Times

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