China braces for a Covid surge

China braces for a Covid surge
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Islam News – China is rolling back its Covid-19 restrictions. Now, Beijing is bracing for a surge in cases.

In near-freezing weather last week, residents of China’s capital lined up at hospitals and pharmacies. They sought help for fevers or waited to buy up dwindling stocks of at-home tests. The reported number of cases is unreliable and probably a significant undercount now that the government has moved away from mass testing.

The pivot has left many confused and anxious. The government is suddenly playing down the threat of the coronavirus, after three years of relentless propaganda. But to conserve resources, it is also urging residents not to seek help unless necessary.

Part of the challenge for the Communist Party: Less than 1 percent of China’s population have been infected through November, so many are vulnerable. After pushing shots last year, China has not yet moved on to administering fourth doses. And China’s vaccines are less effective than mRNA shots.

Many young people are still unemployed and have few job prospects. And the protesters who forced the pivot say their fight is bigger than Covid controls.

Source: The New York Times

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