China reopens

China reopens
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Islam News – Families across the world are preparing for reunions after China fully opened its borders yesterday and began welcoming visitors without strict quarantine requirements.

The reopening comes at an auspicious time for global tourism. China is also allowing its citizens to once again go overseas, just as the travel period for Lunar New Year begins.

But unease has tempered the celebratory mood. Some countries fear that China’s outbreak could lead to new mutations of the virus and added additional restrictions for incoming travelers. And within China, there are fears that rural villages, which have a disproportionate number of older adults and scant access to medical care, are particularly at risk as domestic travel increases.

Here are more specific restrictions:

The E.U. “strongly encouraged” its 27 members to put in place testing and masking requirements as Chinese return to popular cities there.
Hong Kong capped the daily number of visitors at 60,000 people. It will require visitors to show a negative P.C.R. test.

South Korea halted all direct flights to Jeju Island, once favored by Chinese tourists. Travelers have to take a P.C.R. test when they arrive in Seoul and quarantine if they are found to be sick.

Japan is requiring visitors to provide proof of a negative P.C.R. test before arriving and to take another test when they arrive.

Thailand is anticipating around 300,000 Chinese visitors in the first three months of 2023. But it will still require visitors to have two vaccine shots. They will also need to have medical insurance to cover Covid treatment if they get sick.

Source: The New York Times

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