China’s pandemic U-turn

China’s pandemic U-turn
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Islam News – After micromanaging the coronavirus strategy for nearly three years, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has suddenly left the populace to improvise.

When China abruptly abandoned its “zero Covid” policy this month, Xi and the Communist Party had no plan for a measured retreat from the restrictions. Now, people are bewildered as outbreaks seed uncertainty and disarray.

“They feel at a loss about what to do,” a psychological counselor said. “There are even some who hope that the government will restore controls.”

Messaging: State-run media has tried to frame the pivot as a stressful but well-considered return to good economic times. Officials say that the Omicron variant is generally mild, and The People’s Daily argued that waiting to reopen saved many lives.

Twitter bots: Bots pushing adult content drowned out posts from people protesting Covid restrictions, a Times investigation found.

Source: The New York Times

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