Covid surges in China

Covid surges in China
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Islam News – Covid seems to be spreading like wildfire in China. Even as the central government’s official numbers remain low, regional numbers tell a different story, suggesting explosive outbreaks and overstretched health care systems.

One province and three cities have reported Covid estimates far exceeding official tallies in recent days. An official in Zhejiang Province, home to 65 million people, estimated that daily cases there had exceeded one million. In the city of Qingdao, which has a population of 10 million, a health minister said that there were roughly half a million new cases each day, a number he expected would rise sharply in the coming days.

These numbers contrast sharply with those from China’s national health commission, which on Friday reported about 4,000 Covid cases for the entire country. They also contradict the picture that the Communist Party has presented since its abrupt about-face on Covid policy in early December. Since then, health experts and state news media outlets have downplayed Covid’s severity.

Reaction: The government’s absence at a moment of crisis has made the public question its credibility. “No one is in charge now,” one man said.

New rules: China will drop its quarantine requirement for incoming travelers from Jan. 8.

What’s next: Some experts believe the outbreak could cause over a million deaths in the next few months.

Source: The New York Times

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