E.U. vaccinations surpass the U.S.

E.U. vaccinations surpass the U.S.
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Islam News – The 27 member states altogether have now administered more coronavirus vaccine doses per 100 people than the U.S.: 102.66 to 102.44.

This month, the bloc also overtook the U.S. in first injections — currently, 58 percent to 56.5 percent. Earlier this year, the E.U. faced vaccine shortages while the U.S. rollout was initially more successful.

Some member countries, like France and Italy, have implemented vaccine mandates to try to speed up inoculations. And as campaigns decrease or plateau in some countries, officials are urging younger age groups to get vaccinated.

E.U. rollout: The bloc is vaccinating at a faster pace than most developed countries, while U.S. rates have declined. In Brussels, authorities have set up mobile outreach teams to vaccinate vulnerable people.

U.S. hesitancy: On Thursday, President Biden announced that all civilian federal employees must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or be forced to submit to regular testing. He also directed the Defense Department to study how and when to add the coronavirus vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for all members of the military.

Source: The New York Times

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