Kidney issues and long Covid

Kidney issues and long Covid
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Islam News – A large new study found that Covid-19 survivors were 35 percent more likely than other patients to have long-term kidney damage.

The study, based on data from veterans, suggests that kidney issues can last for months after patients recover from the initial infection, and that they may lead to a serious lifelong reduction of kidney function.

Researchers found that the sicker Covid patients were initially, the more likely they were to experience lingering kidney damage. People with less severe initial infections could be vulnerable, but the risk for Covid patients who never needed hospitalization was very small.

“People who are at highest risk are the people who really had it bad to start with,” said Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, chief of the research and development service at the V.A. St. Louis Health Care System and senior author of the study. “But really, no one is spared the risk.”

A link between kidneys and Covid is not new: Doctors have seen kidney problems in seriously ill patients since the beginning of the pandemic.
Still, doctors are unsure why Covid can cause kidney damage.

Kidneys, which regulate and clean the blood, might be especially sensitive to surges of inflammation or immune system activation. Experts also said that blood-clotting problems often seen in Covid patients might disturb kidney function.

Either way, experts said that if even a small percentage of the millions of Covid survivors in the U.S. developed lasting kidney problems, it could have a profound impact on the health care system.

Source: The New York Times


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