U.S. to test travelers from China for Covid

U.S. to test travelers from China for Covid
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Islam News – As Covid cases rise in China, the U.S. said it would require all travelers from China to show a negative Covid test, as well as those from Hong Kong and Macau.

The move came as China prepared to drop its quarantine requirement for incoming travelers on Jan. 8 and amid growing concern over a surge of cases in China and the country’s lack of transparency about the outbreak there.

Other countries are also nervous about the potential flood of travelers from China.

Japan said that it would limit the number of flights from China and require those who recently traveled there to be tested for the coronavirus upon arrival. If they tested positive, they would be sent into a weeklong quarantine.

India has also made Covid testing for travelers from China mandatory, and Taiwan plans to take similar steps, Reuters reports. Italy said all travelers from China would be required to take Covid antigen tests upon arrival so that the virus could be sequenced if it were detected.

Source: The New York Times

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