During a pandemic Covid-19 , will the Olympics happen?

During a pandemic Covid-19 , will the Olympics happen?
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Islam News – After a year’s delay, the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Summer Olympics will take place next month.

The Olympic organizers have come under increasing pressure from public health officials, local medical groups and prominent business leaders who oppose holding the Games during a pandemic. A recent national survey found that 83 percent of the Japanese public said they did not want their country to host these Olympics.

Will the Olympics take place, or is there a chance they’ll be canceled or pushed off again?

That’s literally the question that every single person is asking. And the question I ask myself. And it’s what my wife wants to know. [Laughs.] But yeah, I’m saying yes, on July 23 we’re going to be watching an opening ceremony.

The clues are all pointing in that direction. A couple of weeks ago, the International Olympic Committee declared themselves to be in what they called “operational delivery mode,” which is marketing speak but means this is going forward. And recently, an I.O.C. member said that the Olympics would be on “barring Armageddon.” It feels like for the I.O.C., and for Tokyo, there’s too much at stake for them to cancel.

Source : The New York Times

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