Spaniards debate a wind farm off a picturesque coast

Spaniards debate a wind farm off a picturesque coast
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Islam News – Several decades ago, the Mediterranean coast of the small Spanish town of Port Lligat provided the backdrop for Salvador Dalí to compose some of his most famous Surrealist paintings.

Now, government officials are set to approve a huge floating wind farm on that same horizon, inciting an intense debate among fishermen, scientists, business leaders and activists that reflects a broader disagreement across the continent.

While most Europeans support boosting renewable energy, there is less consensus over where to build wind, solar and hydroelectricity projects.

The dozens of proposed turbines — intended to harness the volatile northerly winds in the area known as la Tramontana — would power Catalonia, which is highly dependent on fossil fuels. But they would also fundamentally alter the character of a region that has changed little from the time when Dalí walked the hills.

Quotable: “As a local, I’m mostly concerned about the fishing, yes,” said one fisherman who opposed the project, “but also about the cultural spirit of Cadaqués, the landscape that inspired Dalí.”

Source: The New York Times

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