An easy and fast way to prepare ice cream with different flavors at home

An easy and fast way to prepare ice cream with different flavors at home
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Islamnews- Ice cream is one of the most popular refreshments , which is widely spread in the hot summer , as the human body is in need of something cold that limits the air temperature , and compensates the body for the loss of fluids , and there are many varieties of ice cream and its flavors , as well as many colors and additives also , a person can eat it in different restaurants , and it can be prepared easily and quickly at home .

Vanilla ice cream :

Ingredients :

Glass of dry skimmed milk .

A bag of whipping cream .

The whites of 3 eggs .

A small spoon of vanilla .

Preparation :

Mix all ingredients well in an electric mixer for about 7 minutes .

Pour the mixture into cups and put them in the fridge for an entire day .

Take ice cream out of the fridge and serve it in cups .

Strawberry ice cream :

Ingredients :

2 envelopes of powdered cream .

Half a cup of liquid milk .

A cup of sweetened condensed milk .

A kilo of frozen or fresh strawberries .

Red food colouring .

Clear envelope with strawberry flavour .

A small spoonful of starch .

Half a cup of fine white sugar , and you can increase according to taste .

A glass of cold water .

Preparation :

Chop 2 cups of strawberries into medium pieces and set them aside .

Whisk the rest of the strawberries with the water and fine white sugar in an electric mixer , to get a smooth and dense mixture .

Take 2 cups of the strawberry mixture with sugar and water , add a dishwashing envelope , a spoonful of starch , and half a tablespoon of red food colour to it , put in pot on the fire and stir the ingredients well until the mixture boils , turn off the fire and leave it aside to cool the cream with liquid milk until it increase in size .

Add condensed milk , add 2 strawberry slices , 2 strawberry whipped mix cups and a teaspoon of red food colouring , and mx well .

Add a little red sauce on top of the ice cream when severing .

Put an amount of ice cream on top of it 3 tablespoons of sauce , and pour another layer of ice cream on top of it 3 tablespoons of sauce , and follow the same steps until the amount expires and put the cups in the refrigerator for a whole day until they are completely frozen .

Remove the cups from the refrigerator and serve it cold .

Chocolate ice cream :

Ingredients :

3 balls of vanilla flavoured ice cream .

3 balls of strawberry ice cream .

3 balls of lemonade ice cream .

3 balls of chocolate ice cream .

3 balls of raspberry ice cream .

4 balls of toffee ice cream .

Cups of melted chocolate .

Some small crunchy chocolates .

3 cups of tofu chocolate .

2 pieces of biscuits .

Chocolate bar as desired .

Preparation :

Put the chocolate in bowl .

Put all the balls with all the flavours in a bowl , put them away from each other .

Gradually pour the toffee sauce over the balls .

Gradually scatter the chocolate beans on the face of the bowl .

And 2 pieces of biscuits to its side .

Bon appetit !

Translated by : Maya Harmoush

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