China’s surveillance state expands

China’s surveillance state expands
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Islam News – The New York Times reporters have taken a deep dive into China’s surveillance state to reveal the country’s technological road map to ensure the longevity of its authoritarian rule.

For over a year, they analyzed over 100,000 government bidding documents, which detail the surveillance technology and software and explain the strategic thinking behind the purchases.

The reporters found that China’s ambition to collect a staggering amount of digital and biological data from its citizens is more expansive and invasive than previously known. Here are four takeaways from the investigation, and a 14-minute video.

Cameras: These are the foundation of China’s surveillance state, feeding data to analytical software that can tell someone’s race, gender and whether they are wearing glasses or masks. All of this data is stored on government servers.

Phones: Authorities use phone trackers to link people’s digital lives to their identity and physical movements.

Profiles: DNA, iris scan samples and voice prints are collected indiscriminately from people with no connection to crime in order to build comprehensive profiles for citizens.

Artificial intelligence: The latest technology promises to predict or detect crimes, such as signaling officers when a person with a history of mental illness gets near a school, or alerting authorities if a marriage is suspicious.

Source: The New York Times

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