The Syrian city of Kassab

The Syrian city of Kassab
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By: Tania Marden

IslamNews – Syria is a diverse country in its environments because it contains sea, beaches, deserts, mountains, forests, valleys, and wonderful monuments. Therefore, each region is unique with its magical beauty.
There is the ancient city of Palmyra and many forts such as the fortress of “Al-Hosn” in Homs, the historic Citadel of Aleppo, the city of Damascus and its old town, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in history.

The Syrian town of Kassab is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and on the western side of Syria. It is a mountainous region that extends to the sea and includes forests located in the far north of Latakia, adjacent to the border with Turkey. To the east of it we see the western coast of the country.

Kassab is considered a vital and important region in tourism and trade.

Kassab Nature Reserve:
Active tourism has always been in Kassab as it is located among forests famous for its long-life trees, such as cypress and oak trees, which may reach 100 years of age.
In addition to the existence of a pure river such as the Al-Assi River, and rare animals such as the mountain gazelle, the Syrian bear, and a rare gray animal.
What makes it more beautiful is the harmony of the deep valleys with the steep mountains such as the “Hell Valley” and “The Workers Mountain” at an altitude of more than 800 meters.

Kassab dates back to before Christ, and it houses the oldest Armenian church in the Middle East.
The city also includes local and foreign tourism projects, especially from the Arab Gulf states, such as the Egyptian-European resort in the “Ras Al-Basit” area and the Qatari Princess Mozah Palace in Umm Al-Tour.
These projects started from 2007 to 2009 and stopped completely in 2010 with the Syrian war.

Most of Kassab’s population is Armenian, numbering around 60%, 30% Muslims, and the rest 10% from other religions.
Most of the people grow olives and fruit trees such as apples and peaches, which are classified as being of excellent quality. Others work in the trade and manufacture of scented soaps such as rose and medicinal soaps.
This charming and beautiful region, with its natural and coastal location and its ancient history, was positively affected in the time of the economic prosperity of Syria and opened trade and tourism to the countries of the world.

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