What are Israeli men doing in Dubai?

What are Israeli men doing in Dubai?
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The Israeli daily Yediot said in a report that “it should be called by its real name: it is a thriving Israeli sex tourism business in Dubai.”

The report added: “Behind the designed posters and tourist articles about Dubai lies a dark truth: gangs of Israeli men take off for the hot new destination, mainly for its prostitution industry. With thousands of dollars in their wallets, non-stop alcohol and a minimum of conscience, they spend their time from woman to woman, sometimes five or six a day. Go up to the hotel room and return to the party. Pay a thousand dollars, and jump into the pool. All openly, while turning a blind eye from the authorities.”

The Israeli newspaper’s correspondent said he spent 7 days in Dubai documenting Israeli sex tourism in the city and discovered that the Middle East may be new, but the exploitation and bestiality remained the same.

He concluded: We’ve been to Bucharest(Romania) some five or six times, and I’m telling you: here in Dubai it’s the biggest brothel in the world.”

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