Why do we keep searching for love?

Why do we keep searching for love?
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By Sidra Assi* |

Why do we always look for love?
obviously, there are many questions, needs, and requirements that come to our mind about this topic; like “I want someone to complete me!”.
Well, but what would happen when you are full of whatever you want and you started feel like you don’t need this person!?

On the other hand, you also may say: I want someone who looks like me from the inside or he/ she has the same mindset.
Let’s say that it is possible to change and this similarity becomes an obstacle?
Hypothetically, that’s why it’s better to be with someone who accepts you.
In this case that person can complete you, and at the same time he /she will be able to accept the changes that happen to you .. And this is how you become the perfect couple.
The important thing is that no one stays the same; Life changes us through experiences, discussions, work, study, etc..
Also to be with someone who may says to you later: Why did you change? You weren’t the same, I hope you come back like when I first met you ..etc.. These are all psychologically harmful sentences, because he/she may be going through a crisis and doesn’t want to talk to you about it, and to not put more pressure on you.
Here a question may appear: “If he/she is comfortable with me, why doesn’t he/she tell me what he/she going through?”
The answer is: “Because this is might be their nature, they prefer to deal with their difficult things on their own”.
Let’s talk about another thing that exists a lot like : “I should show him/her the best of me”, or “I do not want him to see me in this way, or I do not want to cry in front of him”, and “I want him to see me beautiful and always perfect.”
Why perfect? We get tired and get sick. At these times we need our partners to be with us because we need them.
The person who most deserves to know you for who you really are, is your partner.. Who knows your weakness, strength, joy, sadness, depression, beauty and ugliness,
All positive and negative feelings are in you, because you are a human being. It is important to tell your partner about your psychological state, and your mental health, so that they understand you more and stand by your side so that you can be safe with the partner whom you chose from among all the people.
Be honest with your partner about all your feelings, be honest regarding everything about you, in case you want to build a healthy long-term relationship with your partner.
Be honest about everything with him /her.

On the other hand, there are questions that you should ask yourself before taking a step into a relationship:
– Would I be a better person in this relationship?
– Will I accept and love myself more?
– Do I really need this relationship?

Regardless of the relationship and its type, we all need someone close to us in our life. But will this person be able to accept me in all my moods and all situations and be by in my side?
-Can I also do the same for him/her?
-Are we ready to sacrifice for each other and give effort to this relationship? To fix problems for the sake of the continuity of the relationship?
Remember that you don’t have to be perfect but you are supposed to progress and develop with each new experience and with every situation.
Finally, your partner should accept and understand your changes, and you should also do the same to him/her; This is how your relationship is built on healthy foundations.

*A Syrian writer.

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