Israel Considers Connecting Outposts to the Electricity Network

Israel Considers Connecting Outposts to the Electricity Network
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Islam News – By Madeeha Al-A’raj |

The Palestinian National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements (nbprs) stated in its latest weekly report , that following the meeting that was held at the Israeli Ministry of Justice with the participation of the Israeli Public Prosecution Office and other ministries, the Israeli Army Minister, Benny Gantz will approve the form of a “general order” allowing the connection of 30 illegal outposts with electricity, water and other infrastructure works within the framework of the existing official policy to encourage and deepen settlements in the West Bank, after the approval of the commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank.

The Israeli Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked had visited the “Abigail settlement” in Mount Hebron in the presence of right-wing Knesset members, and she pledged before the settlers to supply electricity to all the outposts established by Israel in the West Bank, which are about 200 outposts, and to organize their conditions completely.

Along with deepening and legalizing settlements in the West Bank, Judaization projects are focused on the occupied city of Jerusalem, where the Israeli government recently approved a budget of NIS 250 million to enhance the plans and projects of Judaization taking place in the city, especially in the social and economic fields n 2022. The budget plan approved by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage constitutes the final part of the “Jubilee” plan, which is the Israeli government’s five-year plan for social and economic development in Jerusalem.

Within the context, the Israeli government is currently working on another plan named “Lavi” to implement it, after presenting it to the government for approval, as the so-called Jerusalem Development Authority is promoting a large number of settlement projects, which it described as important for the city during 2022, and that continuously and intensifying investment in developing the city’s position as a national technology center, with a focus on the biotechnology industry, after placing the Wadi al-Joz area in occupied East Jerusalem within – Silicon Valley – and including parts of the Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood in the north.

According to the plan of Judaizing the city, the Ministry of Tourism and Heritage and the Jerusalem Development Authority will continue to promote the city as a Jewish city open to visitors from all over the world, and to organize international conferences and festivals that will provide the city’s residents and visitors with various recreational options, in the coming years. Recently, a new tunnel was discovered and excavation works are being carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority and settlement associations in cooperation with the occupation municipality in the city below the Hebron Gate from the western side of the Old City to the Al-Buraq Wall, west of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The occupation institutions supervising the underground excavation work call the new tunnel “the way to enter the temple,” in an attempt to facilitate the access of the settlers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Al-Buraq Wall. The tunnel 475 meters long, and 10 – 30 deep and 3 meters wide.

On the other hand, the efforts of the heads of major churches in occupied Jerusalem have resulted in curbing the plan of the “Nature and Parks Authority” by expanding the so-called “national park” around the walls of Jerusalem, a large part of which is controlled by the “Elad” settler association. The plan includes large areas of the slopes of the Mount of Olives, in which there are properties for churches, which fear that the settlement association will seize them. Heads of the churches have sent a letter to the Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, last week, stressing that the plan harms the rights of churches in this area and violates the status quo.
Knowing that the Israeli Government established this “garden” in 1968, after the occupation of Jerusalem, and it extends over an area of ​​1,085 dunums. The central section is controlled by the settler association “Elad”, which is located in the Silwan Neighborhood adjacent to the Old City. The association extended its control to other places in the “garden”. Heads of the churches expressed their concerns about the activity of the “Elad” settlement association, stressing that it constitutes a direct and pre-planned attack on Christians in the Holy Land, and on churches and their rights in the City. It appears that this plan, under the guise of protecting green areas, serves an ideological agenda that denies the status and rights of the Christians in Jerusalem.

List of Israeli Assaults over the Last Week Documented by the National Bureau:
Assaulting the people, and the solidarity activists, who are threatened with forced eviction from their homes in the western part of Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood.
Demolishing a residential building and a commercial establishment in the town of Anata, after it stormed the Al-Baqan Neighborhood in the town and demolished a house consisting of 2 apartments, and demolished 2 other apartments as well.
Forcing Nassib Obaid to self-demolish his house in the town of Al-Isawiya, and a facility used as a stable for horses in the town of Al-Isawiya.
Notifying the Shuqairat family in the town of Jabal Al-Mukabber to self-demolition their house otherwise they have to pay a fine of NIS 19,000 shekels as a fine.
Storming the archaeological ruin in the Taqou town east of Bethlehem, under heavy guard by the occupation forces, practiced Talmudic rituals in the place, claiming that it is sacred to them.
Expelling farmers and shepherds in Kisan village, east of Bethlehem from their lands, and were notified not to enter the area.
Storming the “Jabal al-Ras” area in Deir Qadees, west of Ramallah, and notified owner of a caravan to remove his caravan used for agricultural purposes, and notified farmers and shepherds not to enter the area.
Expanding works on the lands of Asira al-Qibliya, south of Nablus, only 10s of meters away from homes in the eastern region, which witnesses frequent attacks by settlers.
Opening a settlement road t link the settlement of “Eli” west of the Qariot town with the settlement of “Shilo” in the south, bulldozed large areas of agricultural land in the southern area of ​​the town in preparation for the installation of settler caravans in the area and the establishment of a new settlement outpost on tens of donums planted with olive seedlings.
Closing the entrance to al-Lubban al-Sharqiya, south of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank, carried out arrogance, provocative dances, waved Israeli flags, and prevented students from going to their schools located on the main street.
Pourng waste water into the lands of the Qasra town in an area called Kafr Attia, and damaged about 55 dunums, owned by ten families from the town.
Wounding the child Othman Abdullah Sabra, 12, from Jinsafut village, east of Qalqilya, after being run over by a settler near Wadi Qana junction, east of Qalqilya.
Issuing military order no. 1474 to evict Nihad Yousef Daas, 74 dunums of land, newly planted with olive saplings, in the Hajja village, east of Qalqilia.
Approving to demolish the two-storey house of Sheikh Moh’d Yousef Jradat 61, from the Al-Saila Al-Harithia town, west of Jenin, and notified the demolition of the house of the prisoner Omar Ahmed Yassin Jaradat.
Seizing a bulldozer while it was inside agricultural lands in the village of Umm al-Rayhan, located within the Apartheid Wwall northwest of Ya`bad
Closing the main road in the village of Al-Jalama by placing 15 cement cubes, and prevented the Dahr Al-Abed village council from digging a water well funded by the Jenin Agriculture Directorate, on the grounds that it is unlicensed and is located in C Area.
Jordan Valley:
Pursuing shepherds east of Khallet Makhoul in the northern Jordan Valley, seizing a bulldozer while it was working in the “Al-Twal” area in the Al-Baqee’ah plain belonging to Mahmoud Bani Odeh, and took it to the “Samra Camp” in the northern Jordan Valley.

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