Palestinians to Commemorate The 45th Anniversary of the Land Day

Palestinians to Commemorate The 45th Anniversary of the Land Day
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By: Madeeha Al-A’raj

IslamNews – The  National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements ( nbprs ) stated in its latest weekly report , that Palestinian people inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories and diaspora have commemorated the 45th anniversary of the Land Day on March 30, 2021, expressing their adherence to their Land which still moaning due to the occupation policies that have transformed Palestinian cities, towns and villages in the West Bank into isolated cantons and islands as the number of settlements and settlers increased, created a Ministry of Settlement, and various methods and means are used by the occupation authorities to rob properties of the Palestinians, provided innumerable facilities, including tax facilities to settlers, and granted them protection.

Moreover, the applying of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Valleys, areas south of Hebron and other areas in the West Bank through confiscating lands, establishing settlements, paving racial separation roads from Palestinian lands and demolishing homes in the occupied Jerusalem, the latest of which was in Khirbet Hamsa Al-Fouqa, they also continue forced eviction and demolition of homes and capture them in Jerusalem, specifically in Sheikh Jarrah and other neighborhoods of the city, especially in Silwan, they also force Jerusalemites to demolish their homes otherwise, they have to pay the cost of demolition under the pretexts of not having licenses, knowing that the occupation doesn’t grant them licenses at all. Furthermore, the occupation continues to rob the Palestinian natural resources, control the economy, crossings, borders, and foreign trade, and all other aspects of life in the OPT.

Within the context, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics ‘PCBS’ issued a report on the Occasion showed the ‘The Israeli occupation authorities directly exploit 76% of the total area of ​​the West Bank in areas C, and control more than 85% of the historical land of Palestine, where the areas seized for military purposes are about 18% of the area of ​​the West Bank, besides, the Annexation Wall, which isolated more than 10% of its area where more than 219 Palestinian communities were affected by the construction of the Wall. Moreover, the Occupation Authorities also confiscated about 8,830 donums of Palestinian land, and transferred about 11,200 others into natural reserves, in preparation for their confiscation.

As for the commemoration of the Land Day, mass activities were launched in various areas in the West Bank condemning settlement in a message to the occupation forces and settler gangs that the Palestinians in the 1967 occupied territories can’t coexist with settlement activities or accept the continuation of settlement expansion under all circumstances, including the conditions of closure between Governorates to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic or build outposts, which have turned into safe resorts for the Jewish terror groups in these outposts and settlements, knowing that a number of Palestinian people were injured at the end of the week as a result of the occupation’s suppression of peaceful anti-settlement activities and the establishment of outposts in the West Bank during the weekly peaceful activities and marches.

In Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya, two journalists, one of them working for the Palestine TV were injured due to the Israeli occupation forces’ suppression of the weekly march there. Other people were injured by rubber-coated metal bullets and suffocation due to tear gas bombs during the Beit Dajan’s march, east of Nablus. In the al-Moghayir village near Ramallah, a number of citizens were also injured by rubber-coated metal bullets, and others suffocated during a march condemning the continued closure of the eastern entrance of the village, and to commemorate the Land Day. Knowing that this is the third time that the occupation closes the entrance of the village this year, where citizens are forced to use long and difficult alternative ways to reach their lands. In Ras Karkar, west of Ramallah, a number of village residents managed to demolish a tent recently set up by settlers on the lands of Jabal al-Qawqara, to the north of the village, knowing that the tent was previously set up in the place more than two months ago and in a nearby site of the houses of the Palestinian citizens, and was dismantled.

In Nablus, the occupation plans to open an Israeli police station in the archaeological area in the Sabastia town, north of Nablus, in order to impose Israeli control it in preparation for stealing antiquities there, knowing that the settlers daily storm the town, protected by the occupation forces, claiming that the Jews have antiquities in the area, while historical narrations confirm that these are false allegations made by Israel to steal more sites in Palestine. Moreover, hundreds of settlers stormed an archaeological site in the Asira al-Shamaliyah village in Jabal Ebal in Nablus, where hundreds of settlers arrived by motorbikes and buses to the archaeological site on the top of the mountain, and the occupation forces deployed heavily in the roads and streets surrounding the site to secure protection for settlers on their way to the archaeological site. It was said that this is the first time that this huge number of settlers reach the site.

Furthermore, the ‘Youth Hills’ group has previously announced their intention to storm Jabal Ebal to reach the archaeological site, which settlers claim it belongs to the slaughter of Joshua Bin Nun. In the Naqoura village, northwest of Nablus, the people of the village and the activists rushed to Jabal al-Sheikh al-Shuala after settler groups called for storming the ancient castle located there.

List of Israeli Assaults over the Last Week Documented by the National Bureau:


  • More than 313 settlers, led by rabbis and officials of the alleged Temple organizations, stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, performed prayers in its courtyards, and held celebrations in the Umayyad Palaces..


  • Notifying citizen Omar Rebai ‘in the Tawana village, Yatta, south of Hebron, to stop work on reclaiming his land under the pretext that it is an archeological site.
  • Storming the Roman Archaeological site of Al-Burj in the Al-Samou town, south of Hebron, and another archaeological site in Bab Al-Zawiya in central Hebron, and performed Talmudic rituals, and attacked popular resistance activists while trying to prevent the closure of shops in the area.


  • Notifying citizen, Sami Ali Al-Ta’mrah to stop construction of a retaining wall around his land in Khirbet Al-Deir, west of the town of Tekoa, Bethlehem, under the pretext of not having a license.
  • Opening a 100 meters long and 6 meters wide settlement road near Khirbet Mousa for settlement purposes.


  • Storming the Al-Tira’s outskirts to perform Talmudic prayers, protected by the occupation soldiers.


  • Storming the Yusef’s Tomb in Nablus, protected by the occupation soldiers, performing Talmudic prayers. Confrontations took place between the Palestinian youths and the occupation soldiers, which fired sound and tear gas bombs, and rubber-coated metal bullets, wounding a number of them.
  • Confiscating a bulldozer while working at Burin Agricultural Secondary School, south of Nablus, and arrested the driver under the pretext of working in Area C.


  • Attacking farmers, Najeh Harb and Ali Ahmed, vandalized their two agricultural rooms near the Kafr al-Deek town, west of Salfit.
  • Preventing citizen, Jasser Al-Qaq, from the town of Kifl Haris, north of Salfit from working on his land near a new settlement outpost to the west of the city, and destroying a vehicle belonging to Rami Tahseen Younis.

Jordan Valley:

  • Notifying citizen, Salem Masaed with the demolition of one of his facilities in Khirbet Yarza in the Jordan Valley under the pretext that it is an archaeological area.

Storming Khirbet Homsa al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley, and attacked the vehicle of the citizen Harb Suleiman Fraij Abu-Kbash, representative of the gathering, and threatened him at the point the gun, and told him to prevent any vehicle from entering the area.

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