The Body Language in Politics

The Body Language in Politics
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By: Samella Badran

Islam News –  Gestures’ voice is louder than words’. Gestures in politics are very important. How the audience receive the body’s message is so essential. Many analysts say that politicians are rehearsed many times to convey these gestures to show confidence and strength. On the other hand, the spontaneous gestures are the most honest and can be noticed at sudden questions or unsatisfying opinions.

In the recent meeting of President Putin and President Biden in Geneva, some analysts say that body language explains more than their conversation. However, the summit has not been published and only pictures and facial expressions are responding to media’s questions.  The way President Putin sits on chair implies confidence and relief while his hands’ gestures convey that he is, somehow, busy or in a hurry.  On the other hand, Biden’s way of sitting refers to his anxious and stress even he tries to look that calm. Furthermore, shaking hands at the beginning of the summit gives a good impression for future decisions and a great initiation for “constructive” relation between the two nations.

Moreover, body language in politics demands courses of studying and focusing.  For example, the hand’s gestures are essential in conveying openness, trust, stress, or confidence. Body language is an effective way in influencing people and their points of view.

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