8 killed of Uyghur militants in Hama Countryside

8 killed of Uyghur militants in Hama Countryside
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Islam News – The Jihadi group entitled “The Turkistan Islamic Party” tried to infiltrate the town of Khirbet al-Naqus in the countryside of Hama (North Syria) towards sites close to the Syrian army in the area, which required swift action by the Syrian units operating on this axis.

 A field source said that a four-wheel drive vehicle was transporting militants on the axis of the town of Khirbet al-Naqus in the northwestern countryside of Hama. It was spotted by the Syrian army in the area, and the target was immediately neutralized after dealing with it with a guided anti-armor missile. .

The source added that the targeting resulted in the complete destruction of the car and the killing of eight “Turkistan Islamic Party” militants and wounding three others.

The field source indicated that the Al-Ghab Plain Front has recently witnessed unusual movements in its intensity by armed groups, with the aim of strengthening their positions in the region, as the groups are working to cause a breach on the Al-Ghab Plain front by attacking the sites and points of the Syrian army. The army units accepted a series of artillery and missile launches, which thwarted all these attempts.

The Chinese Turkistans, along with the Chechen, Uzbek and Albanian fighters, played a major role in controlling military installations in north and northwestern Syria, before they took the western countryside of Idlib and northern Latakia as their headquarters for their settlements with their families, who had migrated with them allegedly (jihad in Syria), and they chose That region is due to the presence of many villages and towns, some of whose families owe allegiance to the Ottoman Empire due to their Turkmen roots, as well as Turkestan.


The “Turkistan Islamic Party in the Levant” is known for its ideological proximity to the terrorist “Jabhat al-Nusra”.

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