A lesson from Chile

A lesson from Chile
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IslamNews – Chile’s fast inoculation rollout leaves it poised to be among the first countries in the world to reach herd immunity — more than one-third of its population has received at least one vaccine dose. Yet the country is in the throes of a record-breaking surge of infections and deaths, and its health care system is overwhelmed.

Pascale Bonnefoy and Ernesto Londoño write that the speedy and efficient vaccination drive has been part of the problem. It gave Chileans a false sense of security, and the government moved too quickly to reopen its borders and ease restrictions on businesses.

Facing the deadly new surge, the country has put in a new set of strict lockdown measures for nearly 14 million people. The country serves as a cautionary tale for other nations looking to vaccination drives to quickly put an end to the era of sluggish economies and social distancing.

Source: The New York Times

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