A new railway between Iran and Afghanistan

A new railway between Iran and Afghanistan
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Islam News – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that launch of Khaf-Herat Railway will strengthen relations between two neighboring countries of Iran and Afghanistan, , according to Mehrnews agency.

Speaking in the inaugural ceremony of Khaf-Herat Railway on Thursday, held in the presence of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, President Rouhani stated, “Today is the day of compassion, mercy and also day of breakthrough for the two great nations of Iran and Afghanistan. The two nations from the same root, history, culture and from the same region who have maintained their brotherhood and neighborliness in the long run of history.”

“Today is one of the historic days in the relations between Afghanistan and Iran. Our relationships have been through hearts, thoughts, cultures, and behaviors and efforts and today’s launch of Khaf-Herat Railway will strengthen these bilateral ties,” Rouhani stressed.

He continued, “Today is a happy day for the two governments of Afghanistan and Iran, and I, for my part, am very happy that although I could not attend the inaugural ceremony of this important project due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we will witness the grand opening by the order of the two presidents through videoconference and this day will surely be unforgettable for us as a historic day.”

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