A Nord Stream mystery

A Nord Stream mystery
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Islam News – Three months after a blast ripped through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, no culprit has been identified, and a motive is still murky.

A major issue in the investigation is that the pipeline, which runs along the Baltic Sea floor between Russia and Germany, is an ideal crime scene for a perpetrator. The cables are not closely monitored, ships come and go constantly from the nine countries bordering the sea and vessels can easily hide by turning off their tracking transponders.

Many European governments and experts see Russia as the most likely saboteur. But the theory that Russia carried out the blasts has only become more complicated.

Russia has quietly taken steps to begin expensive repairs on the giant gas pipeline. Consultants for Russia are also studying how long the damaged pipes can withstand saltwater exposure. The inquiries raise the question of why, if Russia bombed its own pipelines, it would begin the expensive work of repairing them.

Source: The New York Times

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