Algeria arrests five people for planning ‘terrorist’ attacks

Algeria arrests five people for planning ‘terrorist’ attacks
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IslamNews – Algerian authorities arrested five people on suspicion of planning “terrorist” acts against weekly Hirak pro-democracy protests in the country’s north, the judiciary said Tuesday.
The suspects were planning “terrorist car bomb operations at the heart of the Hirak in the cities of Tizi Ouzou and Bejaia,” according to a statement from the prosecution, cited by the official APS news agency.
They were arrested in Tizi Ouzou in connection with a case involving “possession of weapons of war and explosives with a view to use them in terrorist acts”, the statement added.
Security forces seized weapons including a pump-action shotgun and a Kalashnikov assault rifle and ammunition, as well as electronic devices and two vehicles.
The suspects, aged 36 to 51 and originally from the Bouira and Tizi Ouzou provinces, appeared in court in Azazga, near Tizi Ouzou, on Tuesday, One was held in custody while the other four were released under judicial supervision.

Source: Alarabiya

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