Who is ‘American Wolf’?

Who is ‘American Wolf’?
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American Wolf is armed civilians, militia-like groups surge into public view this summer at rallies and counter-protests. It is also labeled as a new vigilante/political group based out in Olympia, Washington led by Peter Diaz.

They are far right Trump supporters attempting to normalize right-wing political violence. Claiming to be peacekeepers, they show up to anti-racist protests with weapons, paintball guns, zip-ties, and tasers, threatening and assaulting protestors and bringing the threat of lethal force to local politics. Their emergence has prompted congressional hearings on the surge in anti-government militias and domestic extremism and has alarmed researchers who track hate groups.

Many members of these armed groups consider this pre-election period a defining moment. In the pandemic stay-at-home orders, they saw government overreach in restricting their freedoms and harm their businesses. In the months of volatile street protests, they saw local authorities who lost the nerve to confront violent agitators.

Peter Diaz
Peter Diaz is 37 years old citizen. Before his political awakening this spring, he lived a quiet life near this leafy liberal bastion at the base of the Puget Sound. He ran a tree-trimming service and a business that built office cubicles. After that, he has formed his own political party and is the leader of American Wolf. However, he is thought to be paid protester.

The federal agents clashing with protesters in Oregon are “our Portland heroes,” Diaz wrote on Facebook since three months – not performing illegal arrests, as critics have alleged, but making “strategic detentions” of high.

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