As the U.S. returns to normal, cases surge in Asia

As the U.S. returns to normal, cases surge in Asia
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Islam News – The authorities in Malaysia have barred people from venturing too far from their homes. In Nepal, 40 percent of coronavirus tests are positive. Even Vietnam, which for months kept the virus at manageable levels, is dealing with an outbreak at a church in Ho Chi Minh City and the emergence of a deadly new variant.

In India, the government has canceled national exams for 12th graders as it struggles to control a devastating second wave.

As the U.S. and parts of Europe start to return to normal, some countries in Asia and also in South America are having their worst outbreaks yet, underscoring the disparities in vaccine access. The number of Covid deaths in some places are higher than they’ve ever been.

“The ongoing devastation being wreaked by Covid-19 in the Global South should be reason enough for the rich countries to want to enable a quick and cheap global vaccine rollout,” said one sociologist at the London School of Economics.

Source: The New York Times

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