Australia to buy U.S. nuclear subs

Australia to buy U.S. nuclear subs
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Islam News – As part of an ambitious defense deal between Australia, Britain and the U.S., Australia will buy up to five U.S.-made nuclear-powered submarines, to be delivered in the 2030s. The deal deepens a three-way defense agreement aimed at reinforcing American-led military dominance of the Asia-Pacific region to counter China.

The arrangement adds to a 2021 security pact between the three countries known as AUKUS. It would also involve Australia buying a new class of submarines with British designs and American technology, and rotating U.S. attack submarines through Perth, in Western Australia, by 2027.

That would help cover a potential gap in Australia’s undersea abilities as its existing six diesel submarines age out of service. The deal also includes long-term plans to cooperate on artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cyberwarfare and missiles. President Biden plans to host the leaders of Australia and Britain in San Diego on Monday, where the three leaders plan to announce the next phase of their partnership.

Diplomacy: The arrangement would likely require Australia to heavily depend on the U.S. Navy, which could limit its margin for discretion. Australia pulled out of a deal to buy French-made submarines in 2021, which caused a diplomatic storm. And China could view the moves as a provocation.

Related: A top U.S. intelligence official warned that China thinks that it can only make itself the pre-eminent power in Asia, and a major power globally, by diminishing U.S. influence — one reason China is partnering with Russia.

Source: The New York Times

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