Australia weighs Indigenous recognition

Australia weighs Indigenous recognition
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Islam News – Australia has never signed a treaty with Aboriginal people, who are not recognized in the Australian Constitution. Now, a newly elected Labor government has started the process of repairing the nation’s open wound.

Last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese kick-started the process of holding a referendum to enshrine in the Constitution a body to advise the government on Indigenous issues, to be known as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Albanese has consulted with Aboriginal leaders, and on Saturday held an unusual news conference in Sydney with the former N.B.A. star Shaquille O’Neal.

Critics have seized on the fact that Albanese has not fully explained what the body would entail. He tried to answer the criticism on Saturday, saying that the body would ensure that Indigenous people were consulted on issues that affect them, but that it would not “usurp” Parliament.

Barriers: Some Indigenous people say that no matter the details, a Voice to Parliament would not be enough. The previous two conservative prime ministers opposed a referendum, and the current conservative political opposition has not yet said whether it will support the proposal.

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