Bennett’s hard line on Iran

Bennett’s hard line on Iran
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Islam News – In an interview with The Times before a visit to Washington, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he opposed any U.S.-led attempts to reinstate the nuclear deal with Iran and would continue Israel’s covert attacks on Iran’s nuclear program.
nuclear program

The Israeli leader also ruled out peace talks with the Palestinians and said he would expand West Bank settlements.

Bennett’s positions differ little from those of his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu. But as he prepared to meet with President Biden at the White House on Thursday, Bennett said he would seek common ground with the administration.

This government will neither annex nor form a Palestinian state, everyone gets that,” he said. “I’m prime minister of all Israelis, and what I’m doing now is finding the middle ground – how we can focus on what we agree upon.

In a recent shift, the Israeli government has begun allowing an increasing number of Jews to pray at the Temple Mount, a site sacred to both Jews and Muslims that has been used exclusively for Muslim prayer since 1967.


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