Biden coming closer to set in the White House

Biden coming closer to set in the White House
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Islam News – By Rayan Haidar – The democratic nominee, Joe Biden, was getting closer to reach the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the presidential race. His victory in Wisconsin and Michigan narrowed Donald Trump’s opportunity in renewing his period in the White House.
Two days after Election Day, neither one of the two candidates collected the needed to win votes.
Trump, obtaining 214 votes, will face much struggle to win the 270 votes. On the other hand, the victory Biden had achieved in the Great Lakes left him at 264, making him “one battleground state away,” AP news stated.
And now, the vote count stands in the key states.
The New York Times- As of Thursday morning, Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has decreased to two percent as the count of the mail absentee ballot proceeded.
According to the secretary of Pennsylvania, Biden has been wining absentee votes-77% to 22%. As The New York Times reported, there are about 500,000 mail ballots left, and Biden will need 288,000 mail votes to take the lead. In addition to this, the mail ballots left to be counted are “disproportionately in Democratic counties.” So, most probably Biden will achieve more than 77-22 percent.
Lastly, Philadelphia still has Election Day ballot and also provisional ballots; that is “votes cast by people who couldn’t initially be verified as eligible voters when they showed up to cast a ballot” of which this situation will cushion Biden, as The New York Times stated.
Therefore, if the nominee Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, then he will be the “president-elect.”
“I will govern as an American president,” Biden said. “There will be no red states and blue states when we win. Just the United States of America,” in a report of AP news.
As a consequence, Trump’s campaign tried to improve the President chance by doubting the election results. So, Trump requested to recount votes in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.
Moreover, Trump made an extraordinary move on Thursday as he tweeted, “STOP THE COUNT!” in order to cease the tallying of the legally-cast votes, as AP news reported.
Either way, “Win or lose,” Trump “will not go quietly away”- The New York Times stated.
Based on fraud claims, Trump was trying to doubt the decency of vote counting results, in order to either hang onto power or obtain an excuse for losing.
And if he had to leave the White House on Jan.20, he will still have until then 76 days to use his power and revenge some of his perceived advisers. Thus, he will remain “a powerful and disruptive force in American life,” for that he gained almost half of the public despite four years of setbacks and covid-19 outbreak, The New York Times stated.
Moreover, Trump’s huge twitter followers give him the opportunity to be an influential voice. Brad Parscale, the president’s first campaign manager in this election cycle said, “President Trump also has the largest amount of data ever collected by a politician. This will impact races and policies for years to come,” as The New York Times reported.
In the end, with Biden’s most probable victory, will the final results turn the other way around for the other side’s advantage? And If not what might Trump do?

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