Biden government supports repatriation ‘jihadists’: US diplomat

Biden government supports repatriation ‘jihadists’: US diplomat
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IslamNews – President Joe Biden’s administration believes countries should repatriate ‘jihadists’ and their families to counter the threat from ISIS, an American diplomat told the United Nations on Wednesday.

“The global threat from ISIS will grow if the international community does not repatriate their citizens,” said Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the acting US ambassador for special political affairs.

“Beyond being the best option from a security standpoint, repatriation is also simply the right thing to do,” said DeLaurentis during a Security Council video conference dedicated to the threat of terrorism.

DeLaurentis warned that ISIS “remains a serious threat.”

The group exploits instability in Iraq and Syria, demonstrates intentions to “execute attacks abroad and continues to inspire terrorist attacks from sub-saharan Africa to the Asia-Pacific theater,” he told diplomats.

Beyond those areas “there is a surge in the threat posed by ISIS affiliates around the world, especially on the African continent,” DeLaurentis said.

Source: Al Arabiya

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