Biden Meets With South Korean President Moon Jae

Biden Meets With South Korean President Moon Jae
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Islam News – During their meeting on Friday, President Biden and South Korea’s leader, Moon Jae-in, will have to dance around an uncomfortable truth: North Korea is unlikely to ever give up its nuclear weapons.

Moon has said denuclearization is a “matter of survival” for South Korea and has called on Biden to revive talks on persuading Pyongyang to give up its weapons. But Biden officials harbor no illusions that the North will ever entirely disarm.
North Korea’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, and its stockpile of fuel to make more, is larger than ever. The best unclassified estimates are that the North has at least 45 nuclear weapons, and appears headed to an arsenal roughly the size of Pakistan’s.

For months now, the Biden administration has been engaged in a North Korean strategy review, but it has offered little details, other than to avoid a grand bargain like the one that Donald Trump offered. Instead of trying to wrap into one package, a peace treaty, the promise of a new relationship between Pyongyang and Washington, and a sweeping disarmament plan, it will turn back to small, confidence-building steps.

Source: The New Yourk Times

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