Blinken: US supports Israel’s right to self-defense and will be involved to rebuilding Gaza

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Islam News – Speaking to the press in Jerusalem alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the US supports Israel’s right to self-defense and will also be heavily involved in and committed to rebuilding Gaza after the latest round of fighting — and to seeking a political solution to the conflict. “Leaders on both sides,” he says, need to take steps “to set a better course for their shared future.”

“President Biden asked me to come here today really for four reasons,” Blinken begins. “First, to demonstrate the commitment of the United States to Israel’s security; to start to work toward greater stability and reduced tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem”; to support “urgent humanitarian reconstruction assistance in Gaza,” and to “continue to rebuild our relationship with the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Authority.”

After the intense diplomacy led by President Biden, together with Netanyahu, helped produce the ceasefire, “now we believe we must build on it,” he says. “Losses on both sides were profound,” and “as the Talmud teaches, to lose a life is to lose the whole world, whether that life is Palestinian or Israeli.”

He says the US fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks — “such as the 1000s of rockets fired by Hamas indiscriminately against Israeli civilians… For the president… this commitment is personal; it runs deep…

“We’ll continue to strengthen all aspects of our longstanding partnership, and that includes consulting closely with Israel, as we did today, on the ongoing negotiations in Vienna around a potential return to the Iran nuclear agreement, at the same time as we continue to work together to counter Iran’s destabilizing actions in the region.”

Source: Times Of Israel

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