China’s Communist Party congress takes shape

China’s Communist Party congress takes shape
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Islam News – China announced that the Communist Party’s 20th congress would be held in Beijing on Oct. 16.

The meeting — a pivotal event in China’s political cycle — is a choreographed ritual held every five years, bringing together about 2,300 delegates who rarely, if ever, dissent. The congress this year is poised to reanoint Xi Jinping as China’s top leader.

The meeting will also reveal the country’s broad policy direction and its next leadership lineup at a time of slowing growth at home and deepening strains abroad, especially with the U.S. Xi’s firm stands on Covid and Russia have inspired speculation that his draconian policies are vulnerable to challenge.

The current premier, Li Keqiang, has sometimes struck a milder tone. But he appears to have little power to challenge Xi and must soon step down as premier under constitutional rules.

Background: While it’s not guaranteed that the meeting will extend Xi’s time in office, his accumulation of powers suggests that he is highly likely to win a third five-year term. Top Chinese leaders have been settling into a pattern of 10 years in power, but party officials have depicted Xi as the visionary leader that China needs to secure its rise.

Source: The New York Times

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