Could covid-19 vaccine win deliver Netanyahu election

Could covid-19 vaccine win deliver Netanyahu election
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Islam News – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems eagerly determined to to get all of Israeli settlers vaccinated against covid-19 before the elections, as AL-Monitor reported.

“Netanyahu understood months ago that the development of a vaccine was the only way that the world and Israel could resolve the COVID-19 crisis — and the only way he could win the elections and survive,” a high-level political source who asked to remain anonymous told Al-Monitor. “He was so focused on this that it was scary: he did not let up, did not stop, was really obsessive.

The source, who was privy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions and behind-the-scenes lobbying, compared the prime minister to an “attack dog.” Netanyahu personally supervised the financial negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies, including late-night phone calls to the CEOs of the Pfizer and Moderna companies and to the relevant Israeli health and finance officials, working to cut through red tape and allocate the necessary budgets.

In his words, “Netanyahu viewed the vaccinations as the be-all and end-all. It was the most important thing to him.

On Dec. 19, Netanyahu became the first Israeli settler to be vaccinated against COVID-19 on camera. As of morning of Jan. 5, 1,370,000 Israeli settlers had been inoculated — a record-setting number. And of course, Netanyahu gets the the credit.

The public health clinics have operated like commando units, pushing themselves to the edge to reach Netanyahu’s goals.

On Tuesday morning, the Moderna company announced that its first vaccine package will reach Israel at the end of January, speeding up the schedule with millions of vaccines in addition to the Pfizer doses.

It comes as no surprise that the battle over credit has started. Netanyahu’s opponents tried to play down his role in the vaccination drive and argue that Israel’s HMOs are the real winners, but Netanyahu has already begun campaigning on the achievement.

This success holds tremendous political significance. If the vaccination drive continues until election day, March 23, millions of Israeli settlers will have received their second and final inoculation.

As he faces very complex political challenges in these elections, Netanyahu clearly hopes that the vaccinations will cheer up bitter Israeli settlers.

According to a high-placed minister who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “It is a fact; success can be proved by the numbers and by comparing ourselves to the rest of the world. It’s like winning a war, and Netanyahu will take all that to the public in his campaign.”

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