Crushing news for Afghan women

Crushing news for Afghan women
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Islam News – The Taliban have barred women from attending universities, another sign that Afghanistan’s government has all but reinstituted its hard-line rule from the 1990s. In recent weeks, the Taliban government has reinstated Shariah law, with public beatings and one execution.

The latest move is another blow to young women, many of whom were raised in an era of relative opportunity. They have seen their rights disappear since the Taliban took power last year.

The restrictions are also likely to threaten the influx of badly needed aid to Afghanistan, which has kept the country from the brink of famine as it grapples with economic collapse.

Reaction: “I have no more hope or motivation left,” a 22-year-old said. “If being a girl is a sin, and I was born a girl, it is not my fault.”

Border tensions: Pakistan’s military raided a detention center near Afghanistan after Pakistani Taliban militants held there took hostages to try to break out. There has been a recent resurgence in violence from the militants.

Source: The New York Times

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