Death of a man allegedly at the hands of Syrians triggers riots in Ankara

Death of a man allegedly at the hands of Syrians triggers riots in Ankara
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Islam News – Hundreds of angry people attacked Syrian refugees in Ankara’s Altindag district on Wednesday night after two Syrians were accused of killing a Turkish teenager.

Images posted online showed a Syrian child wounded in the attacks. Tensions are mounting in Turkey over migration into the country and the presence of refugees.

After receiving images of Syrian refugees wounded in Ankara, including a child, head of the Turkish Red Crescent Dr Kerem Kinik urged the public to calm down.

“In which tradition of ours is there stoning people’s houses at night?” Kinik asked on his social media. “Many refugees reached out and told us that they were scared for their children’s lives.”

Kinik said the Syrian boy was wounded after stones were thrown into his home and hit him on the head.

Despite the significant presence of the Turkish police, crowds attacked the businesses and homes of Syrians in response to the deadly stabbing of the teenager. Chanting slogans like “Ya Allah bismillah, Allahu ekber” (Oh God, in the name of God, God is greatest), often associated with conservative groups in Turkey, people marching through the neighbourhood smashed cars belonging to Syrian refugees.

Ankara police said it has detained 76 people who participated in riots and distributed fake news on social media to provoke the public.

Thirty-eight of those had previous crime records of looting, assault and possession of drugs, it added.

Located on the outskirts of Ankara, Altindag is known for being a low-income and conservative neighbourhood. Two residents who appeared on local media justified the attacks by saying they wanted Syrian and Afghan refugees out of the country.

Source: Middle East Eye

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