Denmark orders Syrian refugees to return to Damascus

Denmark orders Syrian refugees to return to Damascus
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IslamNews – Denmark has become the first European nation to revoke the residency permits of Syrian refugees, insisting that some parts of the country are safe to return to.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wants zero asylum seekers in her country. This decision turns to be essentially the Danish government’s ultimate goal. Now, it is ordering Syrian refugees to return to Damascus, which Copenhagen says is safe.
Moreover, at least 189 Syrians have had applications for renewal of temporary residency status denied since last summer, a move the Danish authorities said was justified because of a report that found the security situation in some parts of Syria had “improved significantly”.
About 500 people originally from Damascus and surrounding areas were being re-evaluated. Besides, according to Refugees Welcome Denmark, 30 Syrians have already lost their appeals. Some of the rejected applicants have been placed in a detention centre.
The legislation makes clear that residency permits are issued for a limited period of time. According to the policy, as soon as the situation allows, refugees’ residency permits are to be withdrawn or no longer extended and they are to return to their home countries.

Source: DW

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