Dozens arrested in German insurrection plot

Dozens arrested in German insurrection plot
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Islam News – In early morning raids across Germany, 3,000 police and special forces members arrested 25 suspected supporters of a domestic terrorist organization that prosecutors said planned to topple the German government and install a prince as the new head of state.

The heavily armed group’s plans included an attack on the Reichstag, the German parliament building. Members of the group had organized arms training and formed a shadow government to install if their plans were to succeed, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said that they were investigating a total of 52 suspects and had detained the prince, a former member of Parliament and former German soldiers.

Motive: The group, which was formed in the past year, believed that members of a “deep state” controlled Germany and needed to be overthrown, according to prosecutors.

Context: Germany’s intelligence services have said for years that the greatest threat to the country comes from far-right, domestic extremist groups. In 2020, far-right supporters, QAnon backers and anti-vaccine activists tried to storm the Reichstag, and the police say they have investigated several smaller possible plots against state leaders.

Source: The New York Times

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