Experts say – Ethiopia war may transform into guerrilla insurgency

Experts say – Ethiopia war may transform into guerrilla insurgency
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Islam News – ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) – though federal troops declared victory after capturing the Tigrayan regional capital at the weekend, Ethiopia’s war may turn into guerilla insurgency, experts stated.

Fighting since Nov. 4 is believed to have killed thousands of people, as well as forcing refugees into Sudan, dragging in Eritrea, and worsening hunger and suffering among Tigray’s more than 5 million people.

Reports of clashes between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) were still coming out of the region, though communications remain largely cut and outside access blocked.

Abiy accuses the TPLF of treason, specifically for attacking an army base, while the Tigrayans say their ex-military comrade and partner in government wants to dominate their ethnic group for personal power. Both sides scoff at the other’s accusations.

Federal forces took Tigray’s highland capital Mekelle in hours on Saturday. TPLF leaders fled to the hills, saying they were resisting and taking prisoners.

There was no immediate response from the government.

Reuters has been unable to verify claims from both sides.

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