Fatal flooding in Europe

Fatal flooding in Europe
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Islam News – Chancellor Angela Merkel met with those who lost their homes, as volunteer rescue teams and German Army troops searched for survivors. At least 183 people have died in Germany and Belgium, including 12 disabled residents of a care home. Many hundreds remain unaccounted for, though they may simply be unreachable amid the chaos and lost communications.

The authorities ordered new evacuations on Saturday, and heavy rains in the southern German region of Bavaria caused still more flooding on Sunday.
German meteorologists called the flooding the worst in 500 years, if not a millennium. The disaster thrust the issue of climate change to the center of pivotal elections this fall.

The floods are the latest sign of a global warming crisis, driving home the reality that the world’s richest nations remain unprepared for its consequences. Residents of northeastern Siberia in Russia are reeling from the worst wildfires they can remember. And in the American West, climate change is threatening vineyards in Napa Valley and making them uninsurable.

Source:  CNN


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