Forced labor found in China’s battery supply-NYT

Forced labor found in China’s battery supply-NYT
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Islam News – Chinese companies tied to coercive labor practices in the Xinjiang region play an increasingly significant role in the global supply chain for electric vehicle batteries, posing a potential problem for the effort to fight climate change, said the The New York Times.

Even though China’s draconian crackdown on minorities in Xinjiang has fueled worldwide outrage, car companies continue to turn to Chinese producers, who manufacture three-quarters of the world’s lithium ion batteries. Trade experts have estimated that thousands of global companies may have links to Xinjiang.

Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang undergo training in management, etiquette and “loving the party and the country,” before being sent to work in mines and factories that produce some of the most highly sought minerals on earth.

China denies the presence of forced labor. But one expert in human rights and contemporary slavery told The Times that resisting such “transferred labor” programs is seen as a sign of extremist activity and carries a risk of being sent to an internment camp.

U.S. response: A new U.S. law that goes into effect on Tuesday would bar products that were made in Xinjiang or have ties to the work programs there from entering the country. It requires importers with ties to Xinjiang to produce documentation showing that their products, and those products’ raw materials, are free of forced labor — a tricky undertaking given the opacity of Chinese supply chains.

Source: The New York Times

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