Gulf states condemn Houthi militia after it struck a school in Saudi Arabia

Gulf states condemn Houthi militia after it struck a school in Saudi Arabia
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Islam News – Gulf states and the Arab Parliament on Monday condemned Yemen’s Houthi rebels after an explosive drone destroyed part of a school in the kingdom’s southwestern region of Asir.

No injuries were reported in the incident, Abdulaziz Al-Jalban, a spokesperson from the Civil Defense Directorate in the Asir region said.

He stated that the Civil Defense had received a report about a projectile launched from Yemen by the Houthi militia towards one of the Asir region’s governorates.

No injuries were reported, said Abdulaziz Al Jalban, a Civil Defense Directorate spokesperson.

Photos released by Saudi Arabia’s state news agency showed the damaged roof of a building, as well as what appeared to be broken parts of the drone. They also showed the drone’s motor and its broken propeller on the ground.

The UAE and Bahrain denounced the attack, the latest in the Yemen conflict that started in 2014.

The attack “disregards international laws and norms,” Abu Dhabi’s Foreign Ministry said.

Bahrain said it supports Saudi Arabia’s actions to confront the rebels’ “criminal acts”, said Bahrain’s News Agency.

The Arab Parliament called on the international community to combat the group’s activities that aim to destabilize security in the region.

“The failure of the international community to take deterrent positions against this terrorist militia will encourage it to continue its acts, which constitute war crimes under international law,” the Parliament said, It reiterated its full support towards the kingdom’s measures in confronting the rebels.




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