Haiti’s turmoil deepens

Haiti’s turmoil deepens
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Islam News – Haiti is feverishly searching for answers after the assassination of its President Jovenel Moïse last week, while the public remains skeptical of official narratives.


The police have arrested a Haitian-born doctor based in Florida, Christian Emmanuel Sanon.


The national police chief indicated that he believed Dr. Sanon, 63, was plotting to assume the presidency, but offered no explanation for how the doctor could possibly have taken control of the government.


Haitian officials have also implicated at least 20 Colombians, describing them as centerpieces of a well-organized plan carried out by “foreign mercenaries.”


Officials say Dr. Sanon hired a private Florida security company that recruited at least some of the Colombians. But their role in the killing, if any, is murky.


Colombia is investigating several trips that one of Moïse’s top security aides made to Bogotá in the months before the assassination. Haiti’s lead prosecutor is also investigating what role Haitian security forces may have had in the killing.


Many wonder how the assailants got through such a fortified compound defended by Haitian security forces with no other deaths.

Source: The New York Times

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