Hezbollah Existence in South Syria Is More Than Recently Revealed: Israeli Source

Hezbollah Existence in South Syria Is More Than Recently Revealed: Israeli Source
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Islam News – The Israeli daily, The Jerusalem Post, claimed that a new report by the Alma Research and Education Center has found that Hezbollah’s existence in South Syria is more than recently revealed to the public of which 58 sites are revealed.

The report – based on Syrian opposition websites and cross-referenced with actual locations of sites – unveiled 58 sites for Hezbollah in south Syria.

In the new released report, Alma spotted 28 locations with Hezbollah forces deployed as part of the Southern Command unit and another 30 locations where there is a presence of cells operating under the Golan Project.

“These two units, the ‘Southern Command’ and the ‘Golan File,’ pose an ongoing operational and intelligence challenge for the State of Israel and stability in the region,” the report said, adding that it was “able to reach exact coordinates in some places and a general location in the rest,” as The Jerusalem Post reported.

The Southern Command, led by Munir Ali Naim Shaiti, is the Hezbollah unit in charge of southern Syria. Its main function is to create a Hezbollah infrastructure and to also train the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 1st Corps for war with Israel.

The Golan Project is led by Ali Mussa Daqduq and has its headquarters in Damascus and Beirut.

The Jerusalem post report also read that the unit serves as “joint coordination headquarters for Hezbollah and the Syrian army with the presence of representatives of the Iranian Quds Force.”

Moreover, the report stated the total number of cells near the Palestinian borders comes up to 30 cells.

Meanwhile, the southern commander is now preparing for Hezbollah’s operations in south Syria to open another front on its borders alongside with the Lebanese front against Israel.

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