India’s cases spiral

India’s cases spiral
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IslamNews – Delhi enacted a weeklong citywide lockdown on Monday, as coronavirus infections and deaths in India reported new daily records and several local governments announced they were facing shortages of oxygen, I.C.U. beds and treatments.

“Our health systems have reached its limit,” Delhi’s chief minister said. “We have almost no I.C.U. beds left. We are facing a huge shortage of oxygen.”

Several regions, including Maharashtra and parts of Uttar Pradesh, imposed lockdown-like restrictions. In the eastern state Jharkhand, the chief minister asked for permission to import more remdesivir, an experimental drug, for emergency use.

The shortages have resulted in squabbles between opposition-led state governments and the central government. And nonstop cremations across the country have been casting doubt on the official toll of the victims, Reuters reports.

India reported more than 272,000 cases and 1,619 deaths on Monday, as a second wave of the coronavirus continued to spread. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain canceled a planned trip to India next week.

Source: The New York Times

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