Iran says U.S., not Tehran, should act first to resolve nuclear deal row

Iran says U.S., not Tehran, should act first to resolve nuclear deal row
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IslamNews – The United States should act first by returning to world powers’ 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that it ditched in 2018, the Iranian foreign minister tweeted on Thursday after Washington demanded Tehran reverse its breaches of the pact first.

New US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed on Wednesday President Joe Biden’s policy that Tehran must resume complying with curbs on its nuclear activity under the deal before the United States rejoins the pact abandoned by former president Donald Trump.
“Reality check for @SecBlinken: The US violated JCPOA -blocked food/medicine to Iranians -punished adherence to UNSCR 2231. Throughout that sordid mess, Iran -abided by JCPOA -only took foreseen remedial measures,” tweeted Mohammad Javad Zarif

The JCPOA is the nuclear deal’s official acronym, and Zarif was again accusing Washington of having illegally barred humanitarian imports to Iran after Trump reimposed sanctions on Iran, while Tehran had breached limits on uranium enrichment activity only in response to Trump’s repudiation of the accord.

” Zarif tweeted, “who should take 1st step? Never forget Trump’s maximum failure.”

The 2015 accord lifted sanctions on Iran in return for curbs to its disputed nuclear program but after Trump’s withdrawal, Iran violated its conditions in a step-by-step response to Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy.

Iran has repeatedly said it can quickly reverse those violations if US sanctions are removed.

Source : Reuters

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