Israel-Gaza diplomacy stalls

Israel-Gaza diplomacy stalls
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Islam News – Israel pounded targets in Gaza overnight and Hamas continued to unleash a barrage of rockets at towns across southern Israel as the conflict settles into a steady routine, with levels of violence not seen since 2014 — a seven-week conflict that claimed 2,200 lives, rendered large areas of the Gaza Strip uninhabitable and paralyzed Israel’s south.

On Sunday, diplomats and international leaders were unable to mediate a cease-fire, and the U.N. Security Council failed to agree on a joint response to the bloodshed. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to negotiate a humanitarian pause to help Palestinians who have been forced from their homes. Similar efforts in the past have been a key first step toward winding down hostilities.

Many of Israel’s military attacks are meant to destroy what it calls the Hamas “metro” system, an underground network of tunnels. It is also targeting a less-discussed and murkier threat: Hamas’s naval commando units.

For its part, Hamas has fired at least 160 rockets at Tel Aviv — a largely liberal and secular beachside city and financial hub — in retaliation for what the group said were Israeli airstrikes against civilian buildings.

Source: The New York Times

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