Israel launches a new aggression on Damascus

Israel launches a new aggression on Damascus
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The Syrian air defenses intercept hostile targets in the airspace of the Damascus countryside

Islam News – Explosions were heard in the Damascus countryside, late Monday, according to
the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“The Syrian air defenses are responding to hostile targeted in the airspace of Souther Damascus,” SANA said.

This is the first aggression launched by the Israeli army on Syria in June, with successive aggression conducted throughout May, the latest of which was reported as launched in the Southern countryside of Damascus on May 21.

The Israeli army had bombed the Masyaf area of Syria a week earlier, killing five Syrians in the unjustified and unlawful attack that comes in violation of the country’s sovereignty.

Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria deputy chief Oleg Zhuravlyov had announced that six Israeli F-16s attacked on May 13 between 20:25 and 20:32 sites for the Syrian scientific research center in Masyaf and Baniyas without entering Syrian airspace.

Source: SANA

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