Israeli opposition agrees on new governing coalition

Israeli opposition agrees on new governing coalition
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Islam News – Israeli opposition parties announced that they had reached a coalition agreement to form a government and oust Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history and a dominant figure who has pushed his nation’s politics to the right. Here are the latest updates.

The alliance will be led until 2023 by Naftali Bennett, a former settler leader and standard-bearer for the religious right, who opposes a Palestinian state and wants Israel to annex the majority of the occupied West Bank.

Context: Eight very different political parties — with affiliations from the left to the far right — are working together. Some analysts praised the coalition for its diversity, but others said its members were too incompatible. Raam became the first Arab party to join a right-leaning coalition in Israeli history.

Palestinian reaction: Palestinians are consumed by their own political moment, united by a new sense of shared identity and purpose.

Source: The New  York Times

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